Athletics NZ – Weekly Round-up

Waikato Bay of Plenty Centre Championships, Porritt Stadium – 23/24 February 2013
Regan Standing broke the long standing Waikato senior high jump record by one centimetre with a height of 2.11m. The 21 year old national M19 2010 champion erased the names of Mark Woolley from 1983 and the 2.10m equalled by Dwaine Geddes in 1994 from the Waikato record book. Standing, formerly from Taranaki, had a previous best of 2.08m set at the 2012 Porritt Classic. He also now heads the New Zealand rankings for 2013.
Joseph Millar won the 100m in 10.59s (0.0) from Cameron French 10.69s and Kodi Harman 10.89s. French won the 200m in 21.78s (-1.4) from Dalton Coppins 22.41s. French also had a fast 400m of 46.70s which was recorded as a manual start on an electronic system camera finish and therefore can not be recognised for rankings. Other times recorded on this basis were Jonty Rae 48.90s, Kristie Baillie 54.90s, Ellie McCleery 56.10s and Talia Horgan 56.20s.
But in the 400m hurdles French clocked an electronic time of 52.68s.
Scott Hilliar U/20 800m 1m 56.48s and 1500m 3m 56.74s. Jacob Priddey U/17 1500m PB 3m 57.46s. Alex Colvin U/20 LJ 6.60m (0.0). Alex Wood 700g JT 55.05m. Richard Callister 6kg SP 14.05m and 1.75kg DT 48.13m. Karlin Nelson 2kg DT 46.00m.
Mariah Ririnui 100m 12.31s (-2.2) and LJ 5.77m (-0.9). Abby Goldie U/17 100m 12.50s (-2.0) and 200m 26.11s (-2.2). Kristie Baillie 100m 12.50s (-.2.2) and 200m 24.83s (-0.9). Camille Buscomb 800m 2m 11.42s and 1500m 4m 30.83s. Kerry White U/20 800m 2m 13.29s and 1500m 4m 43.08s. Tarryn Davey U/17 800m 2m 13.70s from Arianna Lord 2m 13.88s. Olivia Ritchie U/20 1500m 4m 37.47s. Amy Robinson 300m hurdles 44.16s. Vianca Du Toit (NHB) HJ 1.70m. Rebecca Cochrane TJ 10.75m (+1.1) and Danielle Botha HT 47.82m.HASTINGS
Hawkes Bay Gisborne Championships, Regional Sports Park – 23/24 February 2013
All hand times. Shannon Gearey U/17 100m 12.2s (+1.3), 200m 26.4s (-3.7) and 400m 57.2s. Ainsley Renouf U/20 100m 12.4s (+1.3) and 200m 26.6s (-3.7). Lisa Osborne SW 100m 12.7s (+1,3) and 400m 57.5s. Jack Smidt U/17 100m 11.7s (+0.3). Tim Keip U/17 200m 24.3s (-3.6). Dean Stafford U/17 400m 51.9s. Holly Manning U/17 800m 2m 14.2s. Anneke Smith U/20 1500m 4m 55.2s. Ben Harrison SM JT 45.89m.

Palmerston North Open Meeting, Massey University – 19 February 2013
Nick Willis won the 800m in 1m 49.04s, the fastest time in New Zealand for over three years, from Brad Mathas 1m 49.74s, Sam Petty 1m 51.55s and Brent Henley 1m 52.23s. Matthew Hammond of Australia ran 1m 48.61s to win the New Zealand championship race in 2009 in Wellington, from Tim Hawkes 1m 49.21s and Gareth Hyett 1m 49.31s.

Wellington Centre Championships Day 2, Newtown Park Stadium – 23 February 2013
Kerry Charlesworth of North Harbour added 20 centimetres to her New Zealand women’s under 20 pole vault record with a clearance of 4.26m. The 19 year old was in great form proceeding up the heights from 3.80m. After going over at 4.10m and 4.18m the bar was raised to 4.26m which she easily cleared on her first attempt. Charlesworth then attempted the New Zealand senior resident record of 4.31m, but with a slight wind change, was unable to claim that record as well. Charlesworth, who has been over at 4.60m in training, will compete in the Auckland championships on Sunday and in Perth Australia two weeks later.
Hamish Carson followed up his national half marathon title victory last week with an impressive track double of 3m 49.23s over 1500m and 8m 35.00s in the 3000m. Second to Carson in the 1500m was Evan Cooper in 3m 51.48s and Jesse Patel was third in a PB 3m 52.51s. Saravee Sos SM 200m in 23.02s (-2.3). Joshua Ledger U/18 400m 51.25s and Jack Oliver SM 50.94s. Ariana Harper U/20 1500m in 4m 43.93s and Tina Harris SW 4m 46.44s.

Twilight Series, Saxton Field – 22 February 2013

Andrew Kennedy won the sprint double with times of 10.91s (+1.5) in the100m and 22.38s (+1.3) in the 200m. Chris Brake TJ 13.81m (+1.7) and Stefanie Aeschlimann TJ 11.46m (+2.0). Dale Pritchard senior SP 14.92m and DT 45.56m.

Canterbury Centre Championships, Aorangi Stadium – 23 – 24 February 2013
Kelsey Berryman 100m 11.99s (+0.5), 2nd 200m 25.43s (+0.1) and 2nd 100m hurdles 14.24s (+1.8). Fiona Morrison 200m 25.14s, 100m hurdles 13.63s and 2nd 10mm 12.03s. Pip Trevella 800m 2m 12.74s from Rosa Flanagan 2m 14.08s, Flora Brocherie 2m 15.08s and Margot Gibson 2m 17.02s. Flanagan 1500m 4m 27.83s from Trevella 4m 32.59s, Gibson 4m 42.93s and Sarah Summerlee 4m 44.70s. Emma Sutherland TJ 10.61m (+1.0) and HJ 1.65m. Ruby Cochrane SW DT 41.60m, U?20 DT 41.43m. Kate Newitt 3000m walk 14m 46.09s. Leanna Ryan U/20 100m 12.85s (-1.6), 100m H 15.14s (+1.8), LJ 5.50m (-1.0). Jesse Park U/20 TJ 10.73m (0.0). Lauren Bruce U/20 HT 46.34m, U/18 HT 55.67m. Rosie Elliott U/18 100m 12.80s (+0.9) and 200m 26.34s (+1.1). Daniel Balchin 1500m 3m 49.82s ans Callan Moody 3m 56.98s. Nick Ash 200m 22.83s (+2.3) and 400m 49.47s. Andrew Davidson 5000m 14m 40.00s from Sam Wreford 14m 50.49s. Dean van der Busse LJ 5.91m (-0.7) HJ 1.85m. Charlie Gamble U/18 SP 14.60m, DT 53.25m, JT 41.66m. U/20 SP 13.23m DT 48.88m. David Elliott U/20 100m 11.51s (-0.3), 200m 23.10s (+0.3) 400m 51.93s. Jack Henry U/20 110m H 14.73s (+2.3), PV 3.60m and LJ 6.56m (+0.2).

Otago Centre Championships, Day 2 – 23 February 2013
Daniel O’Shea won the senior men’s 400m in 48.10s with Stephen Isaac second in 50.19s. Rebecca Gibson SW 400m 58.98s.
Jerram Huston SM SP 14.62m. Tori Peeters U/20 JT 44.73m. Dean Rusbatch 1.75kg DT 43.86m and 6kg HT 52.74m. Todd Swanson TJ 14.32m (+2.4). Greer Alsop U/20 LJ 5.49m (+2.5) and TJ 12.38m (+2.2). Roseanne Robinson 3000m TW 14m 16.91s, Lesley Cantwell 14m 39.97s. Ben Anderson SM 1500m 4m 00.24s. Hanna English U/17 1500m 4m 59.30s. Blair Grant U/20 100m 11.28s (+2.4) and 200m 23.70s (+1.9). Jasmine Ng SW 100m 12.80s (+2.8). Christina Ashton U/17 100m 12.80s (+1.6) and TJ 10.03m (+2.6).

Briggs Athletics Classic, Domain Athletics Track, Hobart Tasmania – 23 February 2013
Tom Walsh of Timaru, the country’s number two all time shot putter behind Jacko Gill, won the shot put with 19.60m. The 20 year old was 23 centimetres short of his best set in Christchurch earlier this month. Michael Cochrane (21) of Tauranga won the 400m hurdles in 50.63s, just outside his career best of 50.62s, set twice in Wellington over the last two years.

Australian Race Walking Championships, Hobart – 24 February 2013
Matthew Holcroft was fourth in the U/20 10,000m race walk in 48m 5.00s.

ConocoPhillips Rodeo 10km road race, Houston – 23 February 2013
Mary Davies (30) was the first woman in a course record and PB of 32m 53s. Davies was tenth overall and nearly two minutes ahead of Tia Kool of Austin. The first 5km was covered in 16m 12s, but over the second half there were a few steep bridges and a slight head wind. Davies was using the race as a tune up for the New York half marathon on 17 March. Liza Hunter-Galvan (43) was first in the masters’ women in 36m 51s.

Tyson Inv
, Fayetteville 8 February: Katherine Camp 800m 2m 7.85s 3rd.
Spire, Geneva Oh 9 February: Terefe Ejigu 5000m 14m 5.73s 1st, Harry Dixon 14m 43.52s 11th.
America East, Boston 11 February: Olivia Burne mile 4m 54.82s 3rd. Annie Keown 3000m 10m 12.68s 11th, 5000m 17m 16.62s 3rd.
Boston U Make Up Meet 14 February: Julian Matthews mile 3m 58.14s 2nd, fastest mile bettering his 3m 58.57s in Boston two years ago, and moves him up to 19 on the New Zealand all time list.
Silverston Inv, Ann Arbor 16 February: Brendon Blacklaws 800m 1m 54.79s 1st.
Marc Denault Inv, Ithica NY 16 February: Zinzan Fern LJ 6.55m 9th, TJ 13.85m 3rd.
Big East, Geneva Oh 16/17 February: Julian Matthews 1000m 2m 25.23s 1r3rd. Julian Oakley mile 4m 9.50s 2nd, Alex Wallace 4m 11.54s 8th. Dominic Channon 3000m 8m 11.35s 5th. Laura Nagel 3000m 9m 25.01s 4th

O’Hagan’s Viaduct 5km, 19 February: Robbie Johnson 15m 43s, Scott Winton 15m 43s, Tony Payne 16m 8s, Warick Brenan 16m 13s. Katrin Gottschalk 18m 56s, Megan Stewart 20m 2s.
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 20 February: Peter May 17m 20s, Matt Smith 17m 47s. Carly Graham 20m 56s.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 19 February: Jai Davies-Campbell 16m 26s, Kris Moore 17m 48s, Kent Hodgson 17m 51s, Sunil Ritchie 17m 51s. Helen Rountree 18m 42s, Ariana Lord 20m 24s.

Smiths Sports Shoes Everyone’s 5km, 21 February: Ben Ruthe 14m 58s, Kyle MacDonald 15m 18s, Iain MacDonald 16m 2s.

Feilding Half Marathon, 24 February: Peter Familton 1h 15m 49s, Struan Webb 1h 17m 8s, Damien Lardner 1h 18m 53s. Women Lee Radich 1h 24m 37s, Lisa Kuhnert 1h 32m 58s, Tamara Reed 1h 37m 41s. Two person team Murray Green/Laura Sinclair 1h 27m 50s, Robert Dabb/Victoria Sugden 1h 29m 52s. Walkers 2011 winner David Jones 2h 19m 17s, women Lyneve Ryland 2h 36m 36s.

Lifestyle Sports Waterfront 5km Series, 19 February: Michiel Kallenberg 17m 10s, Cam Smith 17m 15s, Todd Stevens 17m 57s. Rebecca Keat 18m 50s. Walk Terri Grimmett 31m 12s, Fraser Samson 33m 31s.

Waimea Vineyard 5km Summer Series
, 20 February, Deviation Course: Dan Busch 17m 31s, Takchisa Fujiwara 17m 46s.

Athletics Canterbury 5km, 10km Series, North Hagley Park, 19 February: 5km; David Fitch 16m 37s, Danny Carmine 16m 48s, Adam Jaques 17m 2s. Rachel Kingsford 16m 58s, Anna Zakharova 19m 22s, Robyn Perkins 20m 49s. 10km; Granantan Boyle (Aust) 32m 52s, Vajin Armstrong 33m 3s, Dayle Steele 38m 39s. Tessa Holland 44m 31s.

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