North Island Colgate Games wraps up

After three days of competition held at the ASB Sports Arena in Whangarei the  North Island Colgate Games is over for another year.

The meeting saw more than 1000 athletes aged between seven and 14 competing in the pinnacle event of the NZ Childrens’ Athletics season.

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Many of the competitors from the Whangarei meeting will now prepare for the annual Trans-Tasman Challenge against a New South Wales team, while others may make the trek south for the South Island Colgates. A team of 120 athletes has been selected to represent the North Island in the challenge meeting which alternates it’s hosting on either side of the ditch. This year the Challenge will be held at Mt Smart Stadium on the 18th and 19th of January.

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North Island Colgate Games results highlights:

Girls 14: Georgia Hulls (Hastings) 100m 12.35 (+1.3), 200m 25.20 (+2.6) and 400m 57.75. Stella Pearless 800m 2:23.78. Alex Hyland (Hills) HJ 1.69m.
Girls 13: Delywn Lewis (NHB) 100m 13.01 (+0.7), 200m 25.78 (+0.3) and 400m 58.39. Julia Giurgiu (Takapuna) 800m 2:24.64 and 1500m 4:59.87.
Girls 12: Jaymie Kolose (Papk) 200m 27.08 (-0.3) and 400m 1:00.49. Kushla Smith (OlyW) 800m 2: 27.19 and 1500m 5:20.08. Kalisi Longopoa (Hills) 80m H 13.07 (+4.0) and LJ 4.41m (-0.1). Lara-Jane Loto (Papt) SP 10.51m and DT 30.90m. Hannah Gilbert (Inglw) 1200m RW 7:11.17.
Girls 11: Lyla Aii (Waitakere) 100m 13.52 (-0.6) and 200m 27.25 (+2.0) also LJ 4.56m (+0.6). LJ won by Erin Downie (CANU) 4.71m (+1.3). Jayda Stewart (Kawerau) 400m 1:03.10 and 800m 2:29.07. Kaia Tupu-South (Takapuna) SP 12.09m and DT 31.02m.
Girls 10: Genna Maples (Whangarei) 100m 13.57 (+0.7), 200m 27.62 (+1.5) and LJ 4.52m (+2.1). Ashleigh Gunn (P/Nth) 800m 2:41.52 and 1500m 5:32.51.

Boys 14: Ethan Holman (TRGA) 100m 11.62 (-0.5). Cameron McCully (Sth Cant) 200m 23.57 (-0.3). Josh Nairne (OlyW) 800m 2:00.62. James Uhlenberg (Eastern) 1500m 4:22.60. Oliver Miller (PTCH) 400m 52.53, HJ 1.75m and LJ 5.87m (+1.3). Anthony Nobilo (NHB) DT 42.73m.
Boys 13: Islam Khaled-Abbas (OlymW) 100m 11.98 (+1.0), 200m 24.40 (-1.0) and 400m 54.83. Michael Poa (LHTA) 800m 2:11.00 and 1500m 4:33.80.
Boys 12: Mogammad Erahim Smith (Waitakere) 100m 12.13 (0.0) 200m 24.99 (-0.6) and LJ 5.59 (0.0). Matt Conroy (NHB) 400m 56.50, 800m 2:12.57 and 2nd 100m 12.67 (0.0). Jake Scurrah (Fairfield) DT 31.23m. Benjamin Wall ASHT) 1500m 4:47.52.
Boys 11: Josh Kalma (Taro) 800m 2:25.25 and 1500m 5:04.06. Tommy Te Puni (NHB) 100m 13.19 (-0.6) and 2nd 200m 27.51 (+0.1). Zane Hamilton (Greer) 200m 27.49. Javier Browne (LCITY) 1200m RW 8:50.81. Mitchell Snell (HTGA) HJ 1.48m and LJ 4.44m (0.0).
Boys 10: Cephus Salaivao (Waitakere) 200m 28.80 (+2.2), 400m 1:06.24 and LJ 4.52m (+0.5). Liam Wall (Ashb) 800m 2:32.22 and 1500m 5:14.86. Jayden Williamson (NHB) DT 32.69m and HJ 1.44m. Bradyn Popow (P/Nth) 1200m RW 7:51.07.

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