New coach, Team and Olympic dream

Opinion: As I cross the finish line a sense of relief and reassurance overcomes me.
It’s fair to say 2016 was not my year, but 2017 brings with it new opportunities. I finished 2016 with a fresh new outlook, a new coach (Nic Bideau), a new training team, and my first major win (Zatopek 10 Australian 10,000m race).Nic’s approach to an athlete is simple but direct. He has high expectations, and he expects the work he prescribes to be done.

Nic provides a platform for some of the best athletes in the world to come together to train day in, day out. A setting where it is almost impossible not to rise to the occasion.

Settling into life as a professional athlete has its fair amount of ups and downs and the journey is long, taxing, but totally worth it.

Joining Melbourne Track Club has been the most nerve-racking experience of my career. A professional athletics team, with a professional mind set.

You turn up each day, work hard, recover and repeat it all again in the afternoon. No ifs, buts or maybes will get you out of a session.

November 18, 2016, was day one of the camp. I’m 26 years of age and have been running for over 20 years, yet this is my first ever training camp and my first time at altitude at Falls Creek in North East Victoria, a few hours from Melbourne.

Most of the athletes I am training with have recently returned from the Rio Olympic Games. Training with these girls and guys day in, day out is not an easy task.

I have dreamt of representing New Zealand at the Olympic Games since I was five years old and missing Rio really lead me to re-evaluate where to from here for me.

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