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Gidday Steve, Brighton had had a great year already pre Akaroa including winning the National Relay at Palmy where we had beaten Auckland U’s “unbeatable” record. So we figured we could also take their Akaroa race record & each of us had the so called “simple” target of beating each Auckland U runners time on each lap.

Of course reality never quite works that way & a combination of some tough Auckland U times & the weather not being of assistance we were well down by the time Peter Renner took off on Lap 5. Pete of course smashed the lap record, Moxy roared up the hill missing John Hellemans record by 2 seconds & then I missed the downhill record by 5 seconds. So all of a sudden we were back in the race v the Auckland U record. Tom Bernie ran his butt off on Lap 8 but as history records we missed by a lousy 18 seconds, or as we mused over many cold beers afterwards it was only 2.5 seconds per lap. As I said in my earlier entry we were so far ahead in the race it was really a time trial & if we’d had some strong competition I think we would have set a record. Worthy of note is we all got fastest laps that day. The guys in that team are as follows.
Lap 1 Grant “Hards” Hardy
Lap 2 Don “Moth” Greig
Lap 3 Neil “Nose” Lowsley
Lap 4 Ron “Tiger” McTaggert
Lap 5 Peter “Bossman” Renner
Lap 6 Rob “Moxy” Mulcahy
Lap 7 Grant “Oooman” McEwen
Lap 8 Tom “Cannonball” Birnie

88 mph