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h to reminess back to 1989. It was a bigger than usual event being the 50 the anniversary of the Takahe-Akaroa.
New Brighton were odds on favorites to win the event. But we were sure we had the team to beat them.
The write up in the paper at the time was basically. “We are not going to let some y Wellington team beat us or something along those line from Peter Renner.
After a number of years of being 2nd or 3rd to New Brighton at NRR. We were feelinng pretty good this year about really beating them for a change.
Our team was was very consistent but no real stars.
Lap 1 Martin MacDonald
Lap 2 Liam Healey
Lap 3 Tim Crawford
Lap 4 Alistair Leslie
Lap 5 Dallas McCallum
Lap6 Ted McLaughlin
Lap 7 Bruce Blair
Lap 8 Pat Meffan
We manage stay in contact for the first 2 laps, then on Lap 3 Tim ran a scorcher (@ 29m 30s) past Don Greig I think it was.
From there on in we just tried to maintain it. On the last lap it was Renner against Meffan, but we had a 2 min lead. We ended up winning by 1m 30. (at the wharf)
All the team ran well in appalling conditions, I always wondered what we might have done time wise if the weather had been better.
I think we may have gone under 4 hrs but not sure about the record.
I still have the the special anniverary wine from this event and have the recording of the Race from TVNZ.
TVNZ did a special doco on the race due to it being the 50th anniversary. It showed some great footage of the early days with all the christian clubs etc. and then finished off with our race in the pouring rain.
Those were the days.
Perhaps our 50 plus guys can do it again this weekend

88 mph