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Ok here we go, but only because it’s afternoon tea time and I’m bored….

Bound to happen:
1. Cavy will not regain the boat race trophy.
2. Don Greig will recount a story of how Rooter Renner sank 3 handles at the Hilltop pub pre warm up then smashed lap 8 to take the title.
3. Someone in the Otago outfit will fight someone in the Cavy outfit.
4. Craig Motley will be like a kid at Christmas
May happen:
1. New Brighton will fold and Scottish will win.
2. Malcolm Hicks will give Lap 5 a really really really good nudge!
3. Ben Anderson will raise a few eyebrows on lap 1 or 2
Prob won’t happen but would be funny:
1. The Maggot made a triumphant return to his hometown and bared all much to the delight of the National Road Relay faithful

88 mph