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A few more quick thoughts:

I didn’t see it (stuck in traffic) but that run by Oska was clutch. Given what had happened between the NBO had Scottish last year on lap eight, and all the pre-race talk about Mike Aish, and what had just happened on lap seven, Oska showed incredible resolve under pressure. Amazing.

Sam Kidd’s run on lap five was staunch too. After lap four 3rd place was still up for grabs among a handful of teams but Kidd’s run allowed Wesley to come home well on the last few laps and resist a fast second half from UC.

Again I didn’t see much of it, but great close race between Otago and Cavy (and WHAC closing quickly at the end too). That big 6th lap by Andrew Pohl against Bevan Stevens looked like it was a turning point?

88 mph