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Now that I have managed to remember my login and password…

A few additional insights from the weekend that others may not know about the battle to the finish line, and hopefully show just how close the racing really was which might not be gained from the results alone.

Great runs from Ashkettle and van Barnevald!

1. Lap 2 – Matt Harris took approx 15 seconds out of Hayden McLaren before (the hill / not sure what split was at top of the hill)McLaren claimed them back and added a couple of valuable seconds.

2. Lap 6 – Rowan Hooper took 20 seconds out of Nick Rennie over the first half of the hill. Rennie then reclaimed and found another 11 seconds

3. Lap 4 – Nick Burrow was described to Rees Buck as “some 800m runner”. Was registered on Wednesday. Rees he just keeps himself fit – his first race in ages.

Now I’m just rambling…but recent facebook activity has prompted it.

1993 – Mark Bailey took bronze in the JM for New Brighton behind a strong WHAC that included the infamous Terry Harlen with Taka a comfortable 2nd. New Brighton SM finally won Akaroa at NZRR.

1993 – Mark Bailey, Nick Burrow, Rob Mitchell and Sarah Biss made the NZSS schools team – and is threatening photos

1994 – Mark Bailey with Rob Mitchell won NZRR junior title running for Old Boys United. Bailey won Lap 1 at Masterton ahead of Matt Dravitski (Scottish) and Andrew Lewis (Old Boy’s) later walked. Taka were 2nd again for maybe the 3rd or 4th year in a row but got there in 95.

Mark Bailey and LT both got near identical speeding tickets in near identical rental cars half an hour apart on the way back to Wellington after the social. New Brighton senior men won Akaroa for the last time.

Friday night – Mark Bailey said…”We haven’t won this thing LT since 1994″ Oska replies….”I was three!”

Thanks for a great race and look forward to another tough race in 2014.


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