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Steve, we do plan to have camera’s rolling, however we are looking for another helpful person who may be able to offer some time to film races throughout the weekend as we are down one cameraman. For a person who can help for a few hours on Friday there is a weekend entry pass in it for you – PM me!

I am also looking forward to seeing how Daniel goes in the three events, as he is capable of medaling in the 5km and winning the steeple. I guess we’ll have to wait to see if he runs all three and how the 15 comes off in the middle.

It is great to see some good races likely in the Men’s and Women’s distance events despite Angie, Nikki, Camille, Brad, Hamish and Malcolm going in as favourites across their key events. There will be some scalps up for grabs, but we’re also likely some stars showing their class – Wow, even I think that sounds like fence sitting.

As a distance runner at heart it is also cool to see some excitement building in a variety of disciplines including the Mens Shot, 400H and HJ that we haven’t seen in recent years.