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The latest drug scandal is truly shocking and must surely pose a dampener for the World Athletics Track & Field Champs in Bejing in 2 week’s time.

But what also disappoints me is where is the voice of NZ athletes on this.  Where is ours outrage posted?  Where is our challenge to IAAF?  Where is our response?  I think that it is overdue on all of us in the NZ athletics community to come together and plan a campaign, via social media or any other mechanism.  These results are unfair on our athletes: It results in outrageously difficult selection standards; it results in our international athletics being unable to get in to top meets; it results in remarkable youth and junior performance which means our athletes cannot win medals, let alone qualify; it certainly results in a disenchantment with athletics in general; it  results in distrust of IAAF who have in reality done NOTHING with this date. We need one voice.  We need an Oceania and/or Australasia voice. WHERE  is it people? Are any Australians on this forum.

We need a campaign to remove counties from IAAF until they prove to be clean.  This starts with Kenya and Russia.  I appreciate that innocent athletes within each country will be affected, but the problem is so rampant, extraordinary steps need to be taken, and NOW.    I watched the German/Sunday Times documentary and I encourage everyone interested to watch.  The evidence is strong and truly shocking.  I cannot believe that one woman distance runner, Rita Jeptoo, stated she had not been blood tested in Kenya since 2006.  While she is now discredited and has had to forgo her recent earnings, she presented very nicely indeed and showed that she is still living from the fruits of  her success.   Mark my words, Ethiopia will be next in line

I also urge World Marathon Events to block Runners from these countries until they are clean and present a year or two of testing results – both blood and urine, and in and out of competition (Winter and Summer season), which are independently certified. Yes, Boston, London, Berlin and New York organisers.  That means you, folks. This should be a standard for all elite applicants, which will make it fair across the boat.  Then, lets see how quickly these  countries come into line.  It will make athletics more exciting as there will be a broader range of athletes running for gold.  It will make prize distribution fairer.  Sure times will be slower, but times will also be fairer!

Am I blogging into a sad black hole?