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Commonwealth Games 2014 Glasgow

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    I have decided to start a Commonwealth Games blog.  Any response to the following thoughts?

    1. How disappointed are readers to hear that Kim Smith withdrew?  Will she ever get a chance to win a medal in the Kiwi  singlet?
    2. When is the athletics draw out?  I cannot seem to find it anywhere?
    3. Is Nick Willis peaking at the right time this year?  Equally, has the Robertsons peaked too early with the record  breaking runs in the last week (reminiscent of NW’s record 3 weeks prior to the Olympics?)
    4. What will the TAB odds be on a NZ Gold /Silver combination in the shot put?  Would anyone place a bet and is it worth it?  (That is, does TAB give a percentage of profit from athletics betting back to the sport?)
    5. Apart from the Shot Put excitement (and long may that continue) what is the next most anticipated event?
    6. What does Hamish Carson need to do to qualify after being oh so close (or close enough) to the qualifying standard for the Games?
    7. Will I have to continue to post until there is a response.  Where have all the bloggers gone? (To the tune “Where have all the cowboys gone”.)
    8. How bad will the quality of the Kiwi Athletics commentary be at the Games.  My wish is for the Diamond League commentators to be used.  While they may not may know all of the NZ athletes, at least they will be informed.
    9. This is not about the Games, but how good is it that Sky are broadcasting IAAF Diamond Leagues live for the FIRST time ever, and full replays.  I know that it is pay TV but damn appreciate it all the same.



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    Shall we start a NZRUn competition: Predict the first Athletics Drug Cheat from the Games”  The winner wins a free year’s membership to the NZ Associated Profession of Psychics.


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    I’ll answer more thoroughly when I get a chance to, but for now:

    It’s unfortunate that Kim Smith is out. I was hoping we might have seen a medal this time around

    I think Nick has learned a lot since the Monaco/London situation and lets just hope that it all falls in place again at the Comm Games.

    The Robertson’s are a bit of an unknown. No clear history of over or under performing at Championships, but certainly showing the goods to be in contention if they get things right on the day.

    SKY: I might even get sky just for the games coverage!!


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    Thanks.  I saw Nick’s race in Monaco (On Sky).  Wow.  An inspiration. To think that one can get better as one grows older.  May this form continue on for the Commonwealth Games.





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    All articles/news for the commonwealth games are now available via the Games Banner on the front page, or on this page:

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    So, Farah and Levins out of the Men’s 5km!!

    We wont truly know the chances of medals until we see the start lists on Sunday, but going on history and what we know of the current form of the Aussies and Brits I think that all three of our Kiwi boys are capable of being in the medals if they get it right on the day.

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    First official drug positive since the opening ceremony!!!

    Nigerian weightlifter Chika Amalaha, who won gold in Glasgow has been provisionally suspended after failing drugs test

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    Angie and Nikki into the Semi Final of the 800m – However, there’s a BIZARRE draw for Women’s 800 Semis! 3 of 4 heat winners in 1 semi – plus ALL 4 second placers?

    Angie is in Semi 1 (The easier heat) with Nikki in Semi 2

    Will be interesting to see if this is sorted.

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    SC – did you predict this ever happening??

    Eric Hollingsworth suspended and sent home from Glasgow

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    Hi NZRUn. I read the article and am not surprised. Sally P has proved herself over and over again. Comments like these do not help prior to a fantastic games where she is getting back to her best and still may be in a chance for gold. It seems that he has such a tight grip on this that it is a my way or the highway approach. Surely this could have easily been sorted out with discussion.

    Returning the the Games which I am enjoying immensely,  the twins certainly were on peak and I was thrilled that one of them got a medal. Interesting on talkback radio, many were saying that it was their medal of the games. This may change as the Games progress.

    Good on Val. Doesn’t she keep performing.

    The 800mts was odd. I personally felt that both had every chance but trilled they got through. With semis and a final to go, they may just have the better stamina so if these runners happen to read this, don’t loose any heart. There is every hope. Was the dreadful s/f draw sorted.

    What is happening with our dear Tri athletes. Perhaps our elite runners and Tri athletes need to train together more in Cambridge which appears to be becoming the Hp hub.

    After the games when the dust settles, I would enjoy some informed discussed about qualification times for track n field events when compared to actual times it needed to reach heats, semis and finals.  I suspect some times and distances are so difficult, that to meet would have guaranteed a medal if not the gold. I have looked briefly at triple jump which someone mentioned in a tweet before which does appear to be a case in point. Are these revised in line with results for next Games?


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    Angie and Nikki through to the 800m Final on tomorrow morning NZ Time.



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    For those who do not have SKY TV and have been unable to watch the track and field action from Glasgow here is the solution I am using

    It is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which requires you install a programme which allows you to ‘hide’ your location and visit websites and view content that may otherwise be blocked to you.

    This site is the one I use because it is simple to install and run the programme, and also because it is one of the more reputable providers for their free service.

    Hope this is helpful to some. Rees

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    For those who can access them:

    Women’s 800m Semi 1 – Angie Smit

    Women’s 800m Semi 2 – Nikki Hamblin

    Men’s 800m Final

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    This Youtube account has clips of lots of races in Glasgow which should be viewable in NZ, and it also has some full races including Angie Smit’s 800m Semi-Final.

    CWgames2014 YouTube Channel

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