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Olympics to ditch 10k, 200m & shot put?!?!

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    This from the Age: “Five key events, remarkably including the 200-metre sprint, and the shot put, are in jeopardy after the IOC pushed for the athletics program to be tightened to allow other sports to be added to the Olympics schedule.

    The events regarded most at risk under a athletics shake-up are, in order: the 10,000 metres, one of the men’s race walks – most likely the 20-kilometre event – the 200, shot put and triple jump.


    I would have thought steeples would be the first to go on the chopping board ahead of the 10k or 200m.

    And surely hammer throw is more obscure than shot put. Aside from running, there is nothing more fundamental than throwing a heavy rock.


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    This is just a beat up.  Cant see the IAAF ever agreeing to this and I cannot see any Olympics going ahead without track and field.

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    Cycling lost events on the track, so can see it happening with the IAAF.

    When will athletics get a time trial event?


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    Gee, I’d thought they would be adding pointless athletics events just to keep pace with………..say swimming. I’d pay good money for a track side seat to watch the backwards 50m, 100m, 200m, 400, medley, mixed medley, etc etc. Have not quite fiqured out how we can emulate breaststroke and butterfly but maybe require some sort of rythmic arm flapping movement with the end result of making it slower to run, then we are on track…so to speak.

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    If they indeed scrap a long distance track event, I would agree only if they replace it with the Cross Country.

    There was chat about a road race but there is already a marathon on the road.

    For the walking events I would have thought that the 50km would go over the 20km walk. Any reason why that is not the case.  Or scrap both and have a marathon walking distance or 30km?

    I was shocked about the shot put given it is one of the original events.  I agree with previous comment.  What about the hammer throw instead.  Can’t see them giving away Javelin  or discus.



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