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The best training articles

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    Two of my favourites:




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    Cheers Dan. That Nic Bideau article is a great read. I’ll get to the Brad Hudson one tomorrow and might throw a few up that I’ve found.

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    Enjoyed those Dwal.
    Below is Renato Canova discussing the training of world indoor 3k champ from last weekend, Caleb Ndiku. On this letsrun thread.
    Good read, sorry about the length

    I’m of course very happy about Caleb, not only because his victory, but also because he followed both training and competition strategy in full way.

    We decided to have World Indoor Championships (3000m) as goal, already in November. Caleb, opposite from last year, didn’t run any cross, because, looking at top shape for the beginning of march, he needed already put quality in his training from the beginning of December.

    About the indoor season, we planned a short period of 1 week with 3 competitions :

    30 Jan : 3000m in Düsseldorf (1) in 7:38.40
    01 Feb : 3000m in Karlsruhe (1) in 7:36.27
    06 Feb : 1500m in Stockholm (5) in 3:36.8

    The first 2 competitions of 3000m had the goal to prepare mind and body to compete at high level twice in 3 days, following the same timetable of World Championships.

    The competition in Stockholm allowed us to understand his limits in speed, and gave us the indication for the next workouts, immediately before WCh.

    The last period of training had the goal to prepare a tactical race, increasing his ability to go in progression during the last km, since Caleb doesn’t have a short kick, but the specific endurance for running the last km using a continue acceleration, therefore the same system Mo Farah used in the last 3 years.

    The training was effective, and his splits can show his improvement under the ability to manage a tactical race, but also about his current “long speed”. Caleb ran the last km under 2’22”, and this is a final which can kill the kick of everybody.

    Here there are his last tow weeks before Sopot :

    CALEB NDIKU PROGRAM (Sat, 22 Feb – Thu, 6 Mar)

    Sat, 22 : a) 1 hr moderate
    b) 40’ easy + 15 x 80m sprint uphill (max speed, long recovery)

    Sun, 23 : 20’ warm-up + 7 km progressive from 3’ / km till 2’50”

    Mon, 24 : a) 1 hr with short variations of speed (from 30” to 45”, at speed of 2’45” per
    km, with the basic pace about 3’45”)
    b) 40’ easy

    Tue, 25 : a) 20’ warm-up + 10 x 600 (easy) in 1’33” (recovery 2’)
    b) 45’ easy

    Wed, 26 : a) 1 hr 20’ progressive (from 4’ till 3’20”)
    b) 45’ easy + 10 times 20” skipping very fast, with high knees

    Thu, 27 : a) 20’ warm-up + 2000m progressive changing speed in the 2nd km (2’50” +
    2’30”) + 1200m with final 400 fast (63” + 63” + 55”) in 3’01” + 800m with last 300m fast (1’15” + 41”) in 1’56” + 400m with last 200m fast (28” + 26”) in 54” – Recovery among tests 8’ / 10’
    b) 40’ easy regeneration

    Fri, 28 : a) 1 hr moderate
    b) 40’ easy

    Sat, 1 : a) 1 hr 10’ with short variations of speed (se Mon 24)
    b) 40’ easy

    Sun, 2 : 40’ easy + 1600m increasing pace every lap : 63” + 61” + 59” + 57” (4’)

    Mon, 3 : a) 1 hr easy
    b) 40’ easy + 10 x 80m sprint uphill

    Tue, 4 : 30’ easy + 8 x 200m in 27” (rec. 2’ / 3’)

    Wed, 5 / Thu, 6 : 30’ easy in Poland

    The most impressive competition of the season, in my opinion, was not the final, but the heat, when Caleb won easily with 7’42″75 using only 70% of his energy.

    This year must be the season for the final transfer to 5000m, without forgetting 1500m (but 5000m is the race of his future).

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    Great talk by Marcus O’Sullivan. I must have watched these videos half a dozen times in 2011 and incorporated a lot of the fundamentals into my training – subsequently running pretty well.

    Video on Flotrack 



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